Can a Social Security Disability Attorney Speed Up a Case?

Published on November 22nd, 2019

Over half of all first-time Social Security disability applications are denied for three reasons: the applicant failed to prove a disability; the applicant did not provide proper documentation of their medical condition; the applicant submitted forms that were inaccurately or incompletely filled out. To significantly reduce the risk of having your SSI or SSDI application denied, disability advocate advice recommends hiring an experienced disability attorney to handle your case from start to finish.

What Can a Disability Attorney Do To Speed Up a Case?

  • Expedite release of medical reports, laboratory test results and physician statements by remaining in constant contact with all your healthcare providers
  • Fill out and submit error-free documents requested by the SSA
  • Inform the SSA about changes to your treatment responses, worsening of your disability and other information pertinent to getting your SSI or SSDI application approved as soon as possible. The more clinical and subjective evidence you include in your initial application, the better chance you have at being approved
  • Stay in contact with the SSA to ensure your disability application is being evaluated in a timely manner. A disability attorney will make regular calls to the SSA to ask whether anything else is needed to streamline processing of your benefits

In addition, if you have already hired a disability attorney and are denied, your attorney has the knowledge and experience to immediately take the next legal step in appealing your case.

What is an On the Record Decision?

A first-time denial of SSI or SSDI benefits can be appealed to a Social Security administrative law judge. However, if a denial is based exclusively on discrepancies or inaccuracies the SSA found in your written application, you can request an OTR decision instead of a lengthy appeal. Your disability attorney is knowledgeable with this kind of appeal and knows what kind of substantial medical documentation is essential for receiving approval from an administrative law judge.

Do Disability Attorneys Handle Critical Case Requests?

Yes. Critical case requests involve people who are suffering dire financial situations or terminal medical conditions necessitating expedited approval of their claims. Your disability attorney will determine if you meet criteria for a critical case request and submit an application to the SSA on your behalf.

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