Reconsideration: How to Start an Appeal on Your Social Security Disability Denial

Published on December 27th, 2019

Have you been denied Social Security Disability in New Jersey? Don’t despair—appeal. Start with a reconsideration request.

Social Security Disability Denial

What Is the Appeals Process?

When the Social Security Administration denies a claim, it sends a letter explaining why. There are two possible reasons and types of appeal:

• You can request a medical reconsideration if the first examiner did not agree that your condition qualified for Social Security (or Supplemental Security Income) disability assistance. The appeal forms are the Request for Reconsideration, the Disability Report—Appeal, and a form authorizing release of your medical information.

• Or you might need to appeal for a non-medical reason, based on your income or one of several listed reasons.

When you appeal, a new disability claims examiner reviews your case.

What Evidence Do You Need to Appeal Your Social Security Disability Denial?

You or your lawyer will describe:

• Anything important left out of your first claim.

• New doctors’ opinions.

• New, convincing evidence of impairment.

• A deterioration of the condition you described in your first claim.

How Can a New Jersey Disability Lawyer Help With Your Social Security Disability Appeal?

If you are represented, the SSA must notify your representative of its decision. This means we, as your representative, respond. Shortly after submitting your appeal, we call your New Jersey Social Security office. We make sure an officer has, and answers, your reconsideration request.

Your doctor’s medical opinion can make or break your appeal. An experienced lawyer helps you obtain the right forms and documentation. We also know how not to respond. This is vital in presenting an accurate case in its strongest light to get a speedy approval if possible, avoiding the wait for a hearing.

When Do You Start?

It’s important to get your Social Security disability appeal to the SSA quickly. In cases without special hardship, there is a 60-day deadline. Feel free to contact the Law Office of Maryjean Ellis for your complimentary case review.

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