SSDI and SSI: What are the Payment Differences?

Published on January 20th, 2020

When you’re coping with pain or impairment, you want the maximum available assistance to live your most productive and enjoyable life. Therefore, you’ll want to know what payments are available. Within limits, you could even qualify for both SSDI and SSI benefits—and be eligible for both Medicare and Medicaid.

Let’s break down the basics.


How Much Are the Social Security Disability Insurance Payments?

Social Security Disability Insurance provides monthly payments if you’ve worked and paid into Social Security, but can’t work as you used to, on account of a disability. Unless you qualify as a dependent, or fit one of the government’s other exceptions, you may obtain SSDI payments only if:

  • You worked long enough to be federally insured, and
  • You have a disability that qualifies under the Social Security Administration (SSA) rules.

The more Social Security taxes you’ve paid, the more benefits you can claim—even if you go back to work.

Bottom line: Payments depend on your own work history. On average, people receiving SSDI payments in 2019 obtained just over $1,200 per monthplus coverage with a New Jersey Medicare plan, starting two years after their disability began.

How Much Are the Supplemental Security Income Payments?

If you’re 65+ or coping with disability with limited resources, SSI can assist you—regardless of your work history—to cover basic living costs in New Jersey. How much can you get?

  • Benefits are capped in 2020 at $783 monthly per eligible individual.
  • Because the SSA only counts part of your income, you can make more and still qualify.
  • Additionally, some states offer supplementary benefits, and New Jersey is one of these states.

Bottom line: You may receive over $800 monthly, plus automatic New Jersey Medicaid benefits.

How Do You Begin?

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