Getting Social Security Disability Benefits for Anxiety Disorders


For thousands of Americans, anxiety disorders are a terrifying reality that makes every day a battle against their own brain. These psychological disorders are defined as persistent feelings of apprehension, tension, or general unease. The severity of the disorder can vary widely, but for some it goes far beyond general feelings of nervousness.

Many who suffer from sever anxiety disorders experience crippling bouts of full-blown panic, terror, and alarm that can be brought on by even ordinary situations that occur in everyday life. Leaving the house, getting to work, and even normal activities like going grocery shopping or to get mail from the mailbox can become near-impossible tasks that people with severe anxiety disorders have to work very hard to accomplish. Fortunately, there is help available for those who live with anxiety disorders in the form of Social Security Disability Insurance benefits.

The Social Security Administration does approve claims of disability due to mental disorders, though it can be difficult to be approved as the medical evidence involved is highly subjective and based on difficult to document criteria such as emotions or behaviors that occur when the patient is not under a doctor’s care, and all evidence is reported by the patient to the doctor. This removes a great deal of objectivity from the process and definitely puts the patient at a disadvantage when proving that their condition constitutes partial or full disability.

A successful application for SSDI benefits as a result of an anxiety disorder requires the presentation of a full history of your treatment, including any care by physicians and qualified mental health professionals. Additionally, you need to focus on medically documenting that your anxiety disorder thoroughly and specifically interferes with your daily ability to function.

If you are New Jersey resident applying for SSDI due to an anxiety disorder, you need to contact The New Jersey Disability Attorney today. We can help you build a strong case for your anxiety disorder disability claim and ensure that you the benefits you need to get your life on track and continue treatment. Call today to schedule a free consultation regarding your case. Let us help you provide for yourself financially while you continue to learn how to manage your anxiety disorder. You can lead the life you want even with an anxiety disorder, and we can help you get there.